Town of Warrensburg Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a guidance document that sets goals, policies, and priorities for investing in the physical, economic, and environmental future of our Town.

What topics can a Comprehensive Plan address? What does a Comprehensive Plan actually do?

Comprehensive Plans typically address a wide range of issues that are important to residents and business leaders. Exploring issues and opportunities, engaging the public in a group problem solving exercise and building a consensus on the future direction of the Town.

Warrensburg’s current (2012) Comprehensive Plan established goals and recommendations focusing on economic development, Main Street, housing, open space, recreation infrastructure and improved waterfront access.  The Town has accomplished many of its goals; some remain unfinished.  Updating the plan will allow the Town to reset what’s important, what goals are to be maintained and what new goals will be set.

A Comprehensive Plan is a policy document and provides guidance to decision makers.   It provides direction to the Town for investing in transportation improvements and public facilities, revising or creating new zoning regulations, protecting ecologically sensitive areas, and recommending issues for further study. Concept plans and other visuals within the Comprehensive Plan help demonstrate ideas and hoped-for outcomes.

When was the last Comprehensive Plan created for the Town? Where can I find it?

The most recent Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Board in 2012. It can be downloaded from the Town’s website at

Why is the Comprehensive Plan being updated?

Much has changed in 10 years.  The update is anticipated to focus more deeply into several issue areas, including Main Street, community aesthetics/beautification, tourism and recreation and creating a diverse economy.

How long will it take to update the plan? And how can I stay informed and/or participate in the process?

The Update process is expected to take 12-18 months to complete. To stay informed and learn about ways to participate:

How can I provide opinions, ideas, strategies, and/or information to contribute to this process?

In addition to checking the website, the Town Board will regularly provide updates at its regular meetings and through conventional & social media.  Public engagement opportunities will be advertised on the website and on flyers.

This will Include:


Who is leading this initiative?

The Town established a Comprehensive Plan committee who will work closely with our planning consultant LaBella Associates in developing the plan. 

Please share any of your thoughts and concerns with a committee member.


Town Comprehensive Plan Committee

Patti Corlew

Jim Hull

Joyce Reed

John Alexander

Gary Cooper

Laura Moore

Sharon Sutphin

Teresa Whalen