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Warrensburg Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan 2013

Contact with the committee may be made through e mail by contacting Chairperson Laura Moore.
E-mail: comp.plan2013@townofwarrensburg.net

Adopted Comprehensive Plan, March 2012
This Town of Warrensburg Comprehensive Plan and Waterfront Strategy, adopted in March 2012.
This draft Zoning Ordinance is the most current revision completed March 2012.
Summary of Public Comments related to the Draft Zoning Ordinance
This is the March 2012 summary of the public comments related to the Zoning Ordinance and modifications resulting from them.
DRAFT ZONING MAP, March 2012 (PDF - 1.8 MB)
This draft Zoning Map is the current map as of March, 2012.

The current plan program began in Spring of 2006 with the intent of revising this 1987 Plan. The Comprehensive Plan Committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Elementary School Conference Room. During 2007 the committee conducted a Town wide meeting and Survey to assist with the development of goals and objectives. The activities for the next few months inclde developing text descriptions for the existing inventory, refining the goals and objectives, and creating an action document to accompany the plan. Anyone wishing to provide assistance with the development of the plan is encouraged to contact the committee coordinator, Laura Moore. You may leave a message with the Planning and Zoning Office at 623 9214.

1987 Comprehensive Plan This is the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Warrensburg adopted in 1987.